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Tenders are invited from eligible bidders for the supply and delivery of the following items for the year 2018/2019 Financial year.

                  TENDER NO:                     DESCRIPTION

  1. GOLFH01/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of fish – Whole Tilapia -Women
  2. GOLFH02/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Eggs - Women
  3. GOLFH03/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Mineral Water
  4. GOLFH04/2018/2019: Provision of Security and Guarding services
  5. GOLFH05/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Milk and its products
  6. GOLFH06/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Broilers
  7. GOLFH07/2018/2019: Provision of Pest Control Services
  8. GOLFH08/2018/2019: Provision of insurance Services
  9. GOLFH09/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Stationeries        
  10. GOLFH10/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Fresh Vegetables – Women
  11. GOLFH11/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Pool Chemicals
  12. GOLFH12/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Beef Meats
  13. GOLFH13/2018/2019:    Provision of Fire Fighting services and Supply of Extinguishers
  14. GOLFH14/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Fish Fillet
  15. GOLFH15/2018/2019: Supply and Delivery of Fresh Fruits
  16. GOLFH16/2018/2019: Provision of Alarm Services
  17. GOLFH17/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Laundry Chemicals
  18. GOLFH18/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of mutton and Lamb
  19. GOLFH19/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of cereals and Farm Produce - Women
  20. GOLFH20/2018/2019: Supply and delivery Pork Meat
  21. GOLFH21/2018/2019: Supply and delivery Local Chicken
  22. GOLFH22/2018/2019: Supply and delivery Charcoal - PWD
  23. GOLFH23/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of and Dry Foodstuffs.
  24. GOLFH24/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and delivery of Staff Shoes
  25. GOLFH25/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of PABX Annual service and Maintenance and Telephone Extension.
  26. GOLFH26/2018/2019: Supply, delivery, Installation and Maintenance of CCTV.
  27. GOLFH27/2018/2019: Supply, delivery installation and maintenance of IC Door Cards.
  28. GOLFH28/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of Instant Air Fresheners
  29. GOLFH29/2018/2019: Supply and delivery of House Keeping cleaning Amenities.



  1. GOLFH30/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and delivery of staff


  1. GOLFH31/2018/2019: Prequalification of survey Services
  2. GOLFH32/2018/2019: Prequalification of Legal Services
  3. GOLFH33/2018/2019: Prequalification of Annual NEMA Audit


  1. GOLFH34/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Printing Services (reserved for youths).
  2. GOLFH35/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery Computers and Computer Accessories (reserved for youths reg. with YAGPO).
  3. GOLFH36/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery

Hardware Materials.

  1. GOLFH37/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery Electrical and Electronic items
  2. GOLFH38/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Swimming Pool Equipment.
  3. GOLFH39/2018/2019 Prequalification for Supply and Delivery Office


  1. GOLFH40/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Kitchen equipment and Kitchen Wares
  2. GOLFH41/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Laundry Equipment
  3. GOLFH42/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Bulk Gas (1 Ton/1000kg Tanks).
  4. GOLFH43/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Housekeeping Linen
  5. GOLFH44/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of service Table Clothes.
  6. GOLFH45/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Crockery and Cutleries.
  7. GOLFH46/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Staff Transport at Night.
  8. GOLFH47/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of Building and plumbing Materials and provision of Repair and Maintenance for small works; building and Construction, plumbing, Hotel Furniture) Youths
  9. GOLFH48/2018/2019: Prequalification for Supply and Delivery of paints and provision of painting and Re-glazing services.
  10. GOLFH49/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Gardening Services –
  11. GOLFH50/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Air Ticketing  Services
  12. GOLFH51/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Dry cleaning  Services
  13. GOLFH52/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Vehicle Repairs - General Services
  14. GOLFH53/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Telephone and Postage Services
  15. GOLFH54/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Flowers and Decoration Services - Women
  16. GOLFH55/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Internet and Cloud Services
  17. GOLFH56/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Fence trimming Services – Youths
  18. GOLFH57/2018/2019: Supply and Delivery Of Fuel, Petrol and Oil for Motor Vehicle Gen Set and Lawn Mower.
  19. GOLFH58/2018/2019: Supply and Delivery of Hotel Furniture
  20. GOLFH59/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Garbage Collection
  21. GOLFH60/2018/2019: Prequalification for provision of Photography and Video Coverage. - PWD


Read through the instructions carefully

For the standard tender document please click here to download


1. Select the category that is relevant to you on the standard document

2. For Insurance Services click here and for Airticketing Services please click here

All Tender documents including Prequalification with detailed specifications will be obtained from the office of Procurement Department during normal working hours upon payment in cash of non-refundable fee of Ksh 1,000.00. or online - you can download them from the Hotel’s Website for FREE – Bidders who download the Tender documents must register their interests immediately by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating their names, email, postal address and tel. address and Tender details. N/B all documents will be submitted in hard copy and dropped in the Tender box at Golf Hotel Reception.

Completed Tender Documents in plain sealed envelopes and marked Tender No….for supply of…….should be posted to 

The General Manager,

Golf Hotel Kakamega

P.O Box 118-50100


Or deposited in the Tender Box situated at Golf Hotel Lounge on or before 4/05/2018 at 10:00am. The opening of the tenders shall take place on the same day – 4/05/2018 at 12:00 pm at Golf Hotel Mugumo B Hall. All tender applicants or their representatives are invited to witness the opening.